Nabila Lester  Founder, CEO. Producer/Director/Writer

NABS founder Nabila Lester is a Film & Television Producer/Director/Writer with over 15 years professional experience working in media and theater production in Hollywood and abroad. An African American, born in Harlem, New York she was born of actor/singer parents, and began her involvement in theater and the performance arts at a young age. At age 17 she began to produce multimedia content for broadcast at The (San Francisco) Bay Area Video Coalition. Nabila went on to earn her undergraduate degree in Education and Media Studies from the number one public university in the United States, The University of California, Berkeley and her Masters of Fine Arts in Film/Television Production from the top film school in the world, University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts.

Nabila has created multiple films and theater projects and has performed all over the world including in India, Cuba, Sub-Saharan Africa, Paris, Brazil, Mexico, Barbados and Jamaica. She has won various awards for her films at film festivals such as The New York Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Slam dance and The Pan African Film Festival. She recently was awarded Best TV Pilot by the Caucus of Producers, Directors and Writers for her role as Director on TV Pilot "In Brotherhood". In 2014, Nabila produced and directed her first Nollywood film entitled ‘Ase’ to great success. In 2015 Nabila worked as Head of Production as well as in house Producer/Director, at Nigerian media company 37th State, where she directed multiple commercial TV ads and professional videos. In 2016 and 2017 Nabila was Producer/Director for CNN Nigeria based documentaries series African Voices and Africa Marketplace. While in Nigeria, Nabila produced and directed several independent films and documentaries under the auspices of her company NABS International Productions.

“For those looking to make a change or be inspired by change, stories can make a difference in igniting the light inside of us all. I am committed to contributing my extensive professional and creative talents to the further advancement of relevant and transformative content believing that the growth of high quality meaningful content is invaluable in today's world.”

Under the auspices of NABS, her own company, she currently produces, directs and writes independent film and live performance projects. Her high level education and international personal and business experience supports her passionate interest and knowledge of American and African Diaspora culture. Her background makes her an ideal shaper and presenter of images and content targeted for the diversifying and expanding media industry in the United States and worldwide.